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Unpacking the moving van.

In the portal horizontal split, here on the inside, outside seems so far away. Am I grey or am I blue? Someone turned the lights on Red, Green and Yellow- Poor rockers waiting for the summertime blues. Quartet of happiness, … Continue reading

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The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

So there I was in Almaty! In love? Friends though she was quite a tease. We were each dating separately but occasionally went out together. Definitely in the friend zone with this beautiful young lady. Cést la vie! Oh yes … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan was a blast. Beautiful women, great friends, good bars, dancing all night.. then having to deal with idiots all day. Why do we promote the incompetent? Actually that´s not fair. I´ve worked with some great leaders and managers throughout … Continue reading

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Sunrise to Sunset – for Tasha

This year for the summer solstice I rose early to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean from the beach at Peniscola. In the evening I sat on my balcony and watched it set. It took me back two years to … Continue reading

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Here we are being Crass in May.

Where are you? I went to Singapore; sorry I forgot to mention it! And who will teach your classes? That silly girl who has ignored you all! She will be promoted soon as she is vacuous; Just like the Boss … Continue reading

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  Mines a pint cried the fat man. No need to cry, it’s on its way! Ready in five came the steadfast reply. Bitter today? Idiots causing life to change; Change! Look at your hairdo, your suit, your beard! Stupid … Continue reading

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Soft surf Peniscola beach.

Kicking through the gentle surf, I see Sea; Life and death. Water of life bitter to taste, killing the tree, Death is the Sea Shells Sanctuary. Broken Rocks, Broken hearts. Even your name evokes in me; Peniscola! Penis, giver of … Continue reading

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