I blame the Greys. Abducted for 2 years, just like Leonardo, I had my brain removed and came back to earth as an Unclear Physicist. They set me to work at Sellafield collecting vital information about the decay process in Boron and on and on. Then I was sent out looking for the Barking Spider.

A lifetime passed by in the blink of a collection of clichés.

This blog is a collection of stories, ideas, poems and general chit chat over a slap up fish supper. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe when you meet Mary Hinge.

You and I love to write. It’s a special gift and a privilege we have creating story’s, sometimes just for ourselves, for our families and friends. But we all reach the point when we believe in what we write and we want to see it published – and we’d also like to make money from our writing too!

And there might be some t-shirt ideas too.

Something to make you smile…

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