“Death at the Dick Factory”

– Harry Dick is a manufacturer of all aids marital, from condoms to dildos and four hole dolls, via ticklers, rabbits and love beads. The morning discovery of his naked body, gently tied to his office chair, sets off a series of meetings for Flaange and Beaver. From the Hunt Brothers, Warwick and York, to the mysterious Chinese Wang cousins, via the secretive Order of Scratchers, all the way to the Chief Constable, Flaange is dumbfounded by the effort some people put into the game of sex.

Chief Research Scientist, an obnoxious condescending cunt of a man,  Roger Tillet-Hertz, stands to gain control of the factory after the death of Mr Dick.

But what about the ex-wives, Gilda Dick and Nora Dick – what do they get from the factory owners demise.

And what was the input from the mysterious  half Spanish Half German delivery guy, Juan Klotz.

And is the death of the Wangs’ driver, Juan Klotz, really suicide?

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