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A Pair of tits

They said I can sell anything with a pair of tits.

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Cheap joke

A smile is like a simile.

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In BED with CBA syndrome! Send me an OAR!

Deep, Deep within me! Somewhere inside is a brilliant writer. He has plans for two more Fairy Hanny books, at least 4 Inspector Flaange books, the epic story of life at St. Nedds and the trilogy called ‘Going to California’, … Continue reading

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A Cool Cat Scan

Am I a fan Of Lana Scan? You know what? I think I am!

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Oh Mr. Keats – I only borrrowed a couple of lines…

Gathering Grapes to drink one night. Oh what can ail thee Lana Scan? Alone and palely loitering? Come and sit beside the Lake, And listen to me sing. “Heaven knows when I might see, A Monkey in The Banyan Tree, … Continue reading

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