TransUranic Elements:The Dark Side of Uranus

When I was very young I heard this song being played on an LP by Steeleye Span. (For the youngsters -LP means Long Playing vinyl record.) It stuck in my head and many years later came out as part of my inspiration for this second book featuring Fairy Hanny. It is an old English folkContinue reading “TransUranic Elements:The Dark Side of Uranus”

Another extract for your entertainment

One of the joys of writing a book is that you have in effect created a whole series of blogposts! Here is another extract from my latest book. The original, which introduced the delightful Fairy Hanny, is also available on Amazon. Enjoy! “So, as we sip our cold beers, brewed to perfection in silly Suffolk,Continue reading “Another extract for your entertainment”

More from Fairy Hanny

I am very happy to say I just published my second book on Amazon. So for the next week or so I will be promoting my work – just like I said I would on this blog!! The story is the second in the series featuring my heroine, Fairy Hanny. She is a tough go-getter,Continue reading “More from Fairy Hanny”

Extract – The sons of Turenn

Well it is out there. The next instalment of the Tales of Fairy Hanny. TransUranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus. And now I am working on the third book, so I am putting a section here, for your entertainment. Enjoy. First one is still there too.. “The Death of Kian. “What was it thatContinue reading “Extract – The sons of Turenn”

Fairy Hanny and the Sons of Turenn

This is the third book featuring Fairy Hanny. For this one I am reaching into a story from my Celtic heritage to place Hanny into an old myth. I will put some extracts from work in progress here. Across the Universe. ” I take it you’re bored Hanny,” suggested Mad Tom with a face likeContinue reading “Fairy Hanny and the Sons of Turenn”