Sonja A’Tonya

Gorgeously pretty Russian teacher on attachment to St. Nedds in Suffolk. Blond, long legs, incredibly intelligent. Dr. Graham Boreham-Quigley, Physics teacher, fell in love with her instantly. But somehow managed to break her heart. Lack of respect? Lack of self-respect. There will be more of this in the next book ‘St. Nedds’ “As I wasContinue reading “Sonja A’Tonya”

Writing Resolutions

Well back in the UK going through a draw in my filing cabinet called ‘Writing’. I have to do something about it – as in finish each of these projects. So here we are; 1. “Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus”. This one is typed up in draft and I am slowly editing toContinue reading “Writing Resolutions”