Last Supper

And it came to pass that they were having a glass or two of vino. Jesus looked but only saw 11 disciples. Yet in the place of Judas was a six pack of Guinness. “What is that?” “That´s Judas´Carry out” replied James. “Will he be along later?” “I doubt it,” said Thomas. “What about someContinue reading “Last Supper”

I suppose ´stupid´ is the best word

So there is this woman I know. Cute in a tall sort of way. I´m not sure if you call her east European as she is from Belarus which apparently is still part of Russia. I never quite got a grip of the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Empire. Anyway, she´s nice. We metContinue reading “I suppose ´stupid´ is the best word”

Women, women, women and women!

So Anna is angry at me for wanting to promote her Art work through my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I would normally drop one of her pictures in here but I will give it a miss this time. I don´t get it!  Creative people who want to commercialise their work need publicity – yes?  Continue reading “Women, women, women and women!”

Friends, stupidity, the beach, boobs and bums

Today I got stuck on a couple of paragraphs, attempting to explain the delights of floating down the River Thyme on a barge. I had the two Elf´s, Mad Tom of Bedlam, Mad Magdalene and Fairy Hanny on the barge of Mr. O´Nighon. I just couldn´t make the text flow like I saw the riverContinue reading “Friends, stupidity, the beach, boobs and bums”