Book Number three from Uranus

No working title but the plan has been written. Soon to publish book number 2 in the series -“Trans Uranic Elements; The Dark Side of Uranüs” – following on from the first outing of Fairy Hanny in “Strange Things From Uranüs”. I have the plan for the third book based on an old Celtic Myth.Continue reading “Book Number three from Uranus”


Starry night in Istanbul. Somewhere in the sky are two bright lights, planets I am told. Spectacular. One is Venüs. The other may as well be Uranüs  as they mean feck all to me! And the Moon is a slippery banana.  


Of course the Elfs on Uranus speak Elvis. Wurlitzer! Thankyou very much! Even when they see the Blue Moon of Ken Tucky. But today I listened to Elvis – ‘You were always on my mind’ and I thought of Tasha…