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What’s love got to do with it? The formula for Happiness

I love Maths – but then I am an oddity. Does Maths make you happy? Well some guys have come up with what they call a happiness formula. For the Mathematicians, Physicists and Engineers – I know it’s not real … Continue reading

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Who wants to be a writer – it’s tough!!!

10 Authors who dealt with Rejection. You and I love to write. It’s a special gift and a privilege we have creating story’s, sometimes just for ourselves, for our families and friends. But we all reach the point when we … Continue reading

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Newtons First Law

For all of my Physicist friends

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What the fork? Doctors remove piece of cutlery from penis of 70-year-old

Hey Folks this is a GENUINE News item !!!!! “Doctors in Australia have removed a 10-centimetre fork from the penis of a 70-year-old man who inserted it into his uretha in an attempt to achieve sexual gratification. The case is … Continue reading

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Physicist proves watched kettles do boil!

They say a watched kettle never boils, but Irish Physicist Eamon Glasscock has set out to disprove this theory and made some other remarkable discoveries on the way. Glasscock, 26, a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong in … Continue reading

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Afghans delighted to be counting their goats after the decline of the Taliban.

The people of Afghanistan have been celebrating in the streets as they regain a more liberal freedom. Counting is back on the menu after more than twenty years of the Taliban tally ban. “I deeply love my goats but until … Continue reading

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Radio Suffolk Interview

This is the link. It will be available until 22nd August 2013  

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