My thanks go out to the lazy invertebrates

Thank God the sun refused to shine, Or I might have thought I was loving you!   Walking into that same old trap, heading for the same old crap, Early mornings, afternoon nap, A woman who could really sap.   Then out she came with the magic word, Something I’m glad I just heard, SomethingContinue reading “My thanks go out to the lazy invertebrates”

Tales from the Rumiverse 2 for Svetlana

Broken Heart too. Palpitations thrusting love in the limelight; Made it hard, to sleep last night? One demands sex – the go-to man she calls me. One demands a kiss – a temptation easily avoided selfish woman. One is carrying too much guilt – her crazy bundle of joy. “I want to go to Dubai!”Continue reading “Tales from the Rumiverse 2 for Svetlana”

Tales from the Rumiverse 1 for Akzhana

Love – by Rumi and Otway. Lazy Sunday Afternoon; Waiting! Waiting for You! Another girl, Another City, Another delay. “I fought with my sister – sorry darling.” Patient man, paying penance perhaps prolonging painful parting. Yet she comes, walking in glowing delight; Waking my breaking heart to new – Old feelings of love and respectContinue reading “Tales from the Rumiverse 1 for Akzhana”