The sayings of DC Jason Beaver

Sadly young Beaver is not the smartest detective at the picnic. He misquotes though I’m not sure if it is deliberate or not… Water off a Dutch back. No pockets in a crowd. Daft as a bush. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him think. Too many cooks spoil theContinue reading “The sayings of DC Jason Beaver”

On First encounter with Rumi.

Sitting, watching, pondering, wandering. Istanbul bookshops and bizarre bazaars; favourite city, Oozing my childhood testament from every pore, City battered and beaten and rocked to its core. “Simon! Simon! Phillip wants your money, pay up or die!” Armies marching, marching, marching; did you hear that Mr March? Constantinople; Byzantium; Istanbul. Three Cities in One, likeContinue reading “On First encounter with Rumi.”