Updated version, ready for the sequels.

Kindle and paperback version uploaded to Amazon today. I will post links as soon as it is available. Some comments from first time round… “Just reading your novel…can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud reading a book!!! I’m hooked already and I’m only on page 7!!!” “It’s one of nature’s great ironies thatContinue reading “Updated version, ready for the sequels.”

29. Waiting; waiting for you.

Timelines run at funny angles. So do ley lines, allegedly. As for Chi lines they travel up and down your body like nobodies business. Railway lines are all curved and paid for out of government funding. Tramlines run through Manchester but not Liverpool. The Tram in Istanbul can take you from the Grand Bazaar toContinue reading “29. Waiting; waiting for you.”

28. Heard it through the Grapes Vine.

The grapevine of spies that helped Chalfont keep his finger on the pulse on Uranus, extended beyond all expectations. There were times that Lord Chalfont himself was shocked by the information superhighway he appeared to control. It was almost like he had a propaganda machine that could reach out and gather vital data from everyContinue reading “28. Heard it through the Grapes Vine.”

27. Fat Larry and the Charnel House.

As the Sun beat down they lay on the ground and you could almost hear them talk. It turned out it was just Ethel with her lawnmower. Still, she knows what she likes. Bogey had guided them carefully through the wild country, past the most notorious gathering places of the Ogres, avoiding as many bridgesContinue reading “27. Fat Larry and the Charnel House.”