Sunrise to Sunset – for Tasha

This year for the summer solstice I rose early to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean from the beach at Peniscola. In the evening I sat on my balcony and watched it set. It took me back two years to 10th August 2014. I watched the sun rise as I flew from Astana to Almaty,Continue reading “Sunrise to Sunset – for Tasha”

Soft surf Peniscola beach.

Kicking through the gentle surf, I see Sea; Life and death. Water of life bitter to taste, killing the tree, Death is the Sea Shells Sanctuary. Broken Rocks, Broken hearts. Even your name evokes in me; Peniscola! Penis, giver of life whether desired or not, Six percent? Cola refreshing the parts we dare not mention;Continue reading “Soft surf Peniscola beach.”