Spanish Resolution

I spent a few hours today researching homes in Spain. Choice is between a modern place near to the hordes of Brits who have moved to Spain, or a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I’ll go for the latter. Most need fixing/renovating but I have the skills for that. A place to work theContinue reading “Spanish Resolution”

Hippo jumps from moving truck in Taiwan, startling locals – most surreal story this year.

A hippo that panicked while being transported by truck in Taiwan jumped from the vehicle, breaking a leg and causing confused residents to report spotting a dinosaur on the loose. It jumped through a truck window and landed on a parked car before falling onto the road on Friday. The sound of the collision startledContinue reading “Hippo jumps from moving truck in Taiwan, startling locals – most surreal story this year.”

New Year – Resolution!

I set myself a task for this week. Speed march from home, down to River Orwell, back up through Orwell Country Park then home – almost 4 miles. Did it yesterday; shin splints within the first mile; completed in 55 minutes. I was in regulation Army Boots and carrying a day pack so quite pleasedContinue reading “New Year – Resolution!”

First review – Joni was right

“You don’t know what you got till it’s gone…” Almost at the end of my first year in Kazakhstan. The snow is back; it’s -16 Celsius outside. The water in the mop bucket froze on the balcony – the enclosed balcony. It’s been a year of ups and downs. Big things – I got divorcedContinue reading “First review – Joni was right”