Why You Should Ban Screens From Your Bedroom

Do you like to watch TV in bed? Do you check your phone before going to sleep? Are you sleeping well? You know it’s better to avoid using your phone or tablet in the hours before you go to bed. I hope you’re making strides towards putting your phone away at night, but I wouldContinue reading “Why You Should Ban Screens From Your Bedroom”

Just a clip from my new book

This is a section from ‘Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus’. It is the second in my trilogy of the Tales of Fairy Hanny and should be on Amazon by the end of January 2022. Enjoy – the laughter may help you sleep! “ “OK! OK! Let’s start again. Tell me about Grumbleflick!” “He’sContinue reading “Just a clip from my new book”

Simple Ways To Introduce Calm Into Your Evenings

Continuing with some ideas on sleeping and night time routines. I hope some of you can benefit from these ideas. Many of us struggle to fall asleep at night. We toss and turn, or pop supplements and pills before we can drift off. If you are having trouble falling asleep, or simply want to workContinue reading “Simple Ways To Introduce Calm Into Your Evenings”

When Should You Go To Bed?

Well Christmas has been and gone. We all ate too much and drank too much. Stayed up late, slept in and got out of routines. Or was that just me? I quit my teaching job six months ago and I have struggled to get any of routine in my life. I sometimes watch movies untilContinue reading “When Should You Go To Bed?”

Update and Reflections

Looking back, it was 23rd June since I last posted on my blog. I was starting to think that I have just been very lazy and indifferent. The more I have reflected, the more I realise I have just been too busy!!! Back in June I was just finishing my contract as a Physics teacherContinue reading “Update and Reflections”