Strange Things From Uranus

Just a summary to whet your appetite……

Thus speaks the Prophecy of the Fairies of Uranus:-

“If a Pixy does eat some fairy Tarts

The first he’ll feel is strangled farts,

And though such sounds produce big smiles

His arse will soon be bulging piles”

 The Prophecy has come true for gallant Peter the Pixy. He has indulged in the Fairy Queens tarts and is now stricken with a lethal dose of The Dukes!

What to do?

Peter has to undertake the Quest for the Permanent Cure. He enrols the help of his old friend Greg the Goblin, Steve the Guarding Gnome and the beautiful Fairy Hanny.

Follow them as they deal with the privations on the road through Wails, the land of the Ogres, meet the Trolletariat, paint the town Red with the Gremlins from Fat Larry’s Charnel House, until they finally end up at the Fabled Lake of the Gloompty Fish somewhere in the south of Uranus. With the Help of the Imp Rack Tickle and his wife Tess, they seek the final therapy.

Can Peters’ bottom be restored to health?

“Just reading your novel…can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud reading a book!!! I’m hooked already and I’m only on page 7!!!” Abigail, Head of English.

“It’s one of nature’s great ironies that Uranus is full of methane.” Peter , Head of Science.

“Whoosh! Sizzzzzzle! Pooooooop!” Ivan, Head of Steam.

The book is available  on Amazon

Fairy Hanny will return in the next instalment ‘Trans Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus’.

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