Ken and Wayne meet Mad Tom of Bedlam

An extract from ‘Trans-Uranic Elements; The Dark Side of Uranus’. Some fantastic jokes. ——————– The Elf’s took in the pair before them. Tom, his wild silver hair dancing the conga in its unkempt fiasco of styling, white linen slacks, his shirt a rich salmon pink exhibiting tiny images of stunning Art Deco pendulum clocks, longContinue reading “Ken and Wayne meet Mad Tom of Bedlam”

DC Jason Beavers Yoga Theory.

I’ve not added much personal writing recently so I thought I’d share a bit of philosophy from Detective Constable Jason Beaver. This is an extract from ‘Inspector Flaange and the Barking Spider’. ———- “How are you feeling then boss?” asked Beaver as he sat devouring a delicious Cornish pasty. “Feeling the tension, Beaver. Not sureContinue reading “DC Jason Beavers Yoga Theory.”

Massive Action – from my friend Roy Everitt

One of the things you’re likely to hear from motivational speakers, prosperity coaches and other people promising to help you improve your life, your wealth and your value to the world is that you need to take “massive action”. They’re not wrong; they just don’t mean what they say. Let’s take an example. Let’s sayContinue reading “Massive Action – from my friend Roy Everitt”

Free Money – for Peace of Mind, Books Galore, Tasha and I.

Being creative on low energy is either deep joy or hellish torture. Working twelve hours a day then writing a blog – I am a star. Yet it is time to look for something else, an alternative source of income so I can devote more time to creating Tall Stories – Fairy Hanny needs aContinue reading “Free Money – for Peace of Mind, Books Galore, Tasha and I.”

Jim Carrey – now he’s getting serious!

Top tips from the lunatic! When you run into limits remember these 5 things. 1. You are connected to everything and as apart of all there is, you can accomplish anything that you work towards. 2. Sometimes the walls in your life are because you need new tools or ingredients.  Reach out to experts, use theContinue reading “Jim Carrey – now he’s getting serious!”