Chapter 6 – What happens next?

They sat together in the Great Hall. Now they were seven, Queen Dillberry would have to play keyboards. Rooty toot toot! The pondering had long since finished and all seven were now deep in dialogue. Peter was more than happy with his newly acquired underclothing, though a little perturbed at the potential embarrassment and inherentContinue reading “Chapter 6 – What happens next?”

Chapter 5 – Of Gold mines and magic undies.

The sextet could have formed a magical jazz band. Innocent would have to be the drummer what with being fat and lazy, with Greg on the double bass – his overlong arms and squat legs made him ideal to handle the instrument, while his ugly face would look cool if adorned with shades. Peter wouldContinue reading “Chapter 5 – Of Gold mines and magic undies.”

Chapter 4 – Bearing Our Souls.

It was now a delight to be in the presence of the newly perfumed King, in the Great Hall with its Great Walls and Great Columns and Great Roof and Great Gargoyles. Add to that the  of the three most gorgeous babes they had ever seen, the stars of this epic tale were finally ready toContinue reading “Chapter 4 – Bearing Our Souls.”

Chapter 3 – In the Court of the King with the Crimson Face.

It turned out to be much easier than ever to find their way there, to the Great Hall in the Great Castle in the Great City of Setebos. They did turn left and enter door number three. From there they had to work their way along a few deep and dreary back passages but eventuallyContinue reading “Chapter 3 – In the Court of the King with the Crimson Face.”

Chapter 2 – Desperately seeking Innocent.

It was a relatively short, though oppressive walk to the City of Setebos. The woodland clung to their breath as they toddled along in search of forgiveness and a potential cure. The sky looked down gravely on the heroes, overcasting doubt on the success of their mission. The Sun beamed her glorious smile onto theContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Desperately seeking Innocent.”

Strange Things from Uranus – Second Edition

I decided it was worth a second edition as there are now three in the series, so it makes sense to unite them properly. Enjoy the new Intro. ************************************************** Fairies wear boots   It may have been the night before Christmas, or the night after Christmas or even Christmas night; well it was definitely theContinue reading “Strange Things from Uranus – Second Edition”