Bearded Clams

I found this story recently, about British Scientists.

When a clam was dredged up from the bottom of the sea of Iceland, a team of scientists eagerly cracked it open – killing the oldest animal in the world.

The mollusc was 507 years old – when it was born, Michelangelo was just about to start work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

The clam has previously been thought to be a mere 400 years old – that alone won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records, beating its previous holder by some margin, a 220-year-old Arctic clam found in 1982 in American waters.

It was dredged up in 2007, and the scientists admit they simply miscounted its rings – but their initial error makes the clam dubbed “Ming” an even more impressive discovery.

Personally I’d be much happier finding a 25 year old bearded clam.

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