Chapter 17

Bored in Both and Fanovabba. The departure from Both was now delayed. Peter lay in a small bed in one of the backrooms in the house of His Senses. He idled in a lovely bed, flitting in and out of consciousness. He dreamt that Hanny was in attendance. He dreamt that the King of theContinue reading “Chapter 17”

Chapter 16

Trouble, trouble, trouble all the time. The quartet were almost devastated. It wasn’t that they had lost the sense of being a quintet along with all of the possible melodic sequences that allowed, or the chance to do an impression of the Dave Clark Five. Take Five! It was the loss of Ena and allContinue reading “Chapter 16”

Chapter 15

Overdose. The group sat on the beach at Both, watching the waves coming in and going out. They sat in two groups of five, the local delicious Fairies and the five travellers. To a casual observer it may have appeared that they sat as two alternative groups, six Fairies and four travellers. To the moreContinue reading “Chapter 15”

Chapter 14

Problems in Both. The approach to the coast turned out to be very pleasant. The smell of the salt in the air made their spirits rise and the thought of a good nights kip surrounded by hot chicks, and the possibility of fresh meat for the Orc babe, made them so much more contented. ExceptContinue reading “Chapter 14”

Chapter 13

You can’t fool me. The dubious quintet continued South. It would be nice to say it got warmer but it didn’t, the surface temperature being pretty much the same all over the planet. It was very, very cold at the extreme south and extreme north, known as the Poles, apparently, but throughout the rest ofContinue reading “Chapter 13”

Chapter 12

I see a Pixy and I want it painted black. The Chancellor’s Chief Hench thing gathered together his team of Brownies to do the dirty on Peter. They needed to dig deep into his past and uncover any kind of trouble they could. Was there any scandal surrounding sex or finance? Did he have aContinue reading “Chapter 12”

Chapter 11

On the origins of Warwick Hunt. Warwick Hunt had arrived at the City of Setebos some years earlier after a freak accident involving aggrieved co-workers, a spot of jealousy, a wormhole and a bubbling vat of lard. The very scary Warwick Hunt originates from Earth though not quite down to earth; he had ideas aboveContinue reading “Chapter 11”

Chapter 10

Lord Chalfont and Warwick Hunt. Golf originated on Uranus of that there is no doubt. The Gods have researched this to a great extent. Horus and the Whore of Babylon spent many a lifetime looking into the origins of the game. It is played throughout the Known Universe and on some of the places hiddenContinue reading “Chapter 10”

Chapter 9

Dumbell Ena The atmosphere inside the inn was very much like that of any Public House anywhere in the Known Universe. It was probably the same as any Public House in the Unknown Universe but that will never be known. There was one major difference; you have to travel far and wide on earth toContinue reading “Chapter 9”