Time Flies.

I took my watch on an Aeroplane…

I can’t believe it is over a month since I bothered with Fairy Hanny and her delightful adventures. Coming back to Kazakhstan, new idiots to deal with, old girlfriends coming back, new girls acting just like the old ones, a minor flood in my apartment, extra work as one teacher didn’t turn up, extra work because new jobsworths did turn up…

So Hanny and her adventures have been neglected.

Never mind – Pistachio nuts cost a lot in Almaty so I am savouring them by eating the shells too!

(Not really – that is what could be called a joke)

I am also dealing with some Orwellian Double Speak and Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

  1. Orwell – we are expanding one aspect by reducing the time available…
  2. Kafka – we are having meetings to design the forms that we will use in future meetings as we plan forms to examine every aspect of life in school.

What a wonderful world.

Meanwhile some colleagues have just 2 hours to teach per week…

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