Online Pharmacy – Pure Gibberish

I am forever getting emails for Viagra and penis enlargement. Someone has clearly been spreading rumours (that’s all that gets spread these days…)

But here is a fantastic advert – love it…

“fifteen-story Yurkovsky, December for with realized was I was knew examined front by the his a took the Scales.” Olympic, in was in of a than man stopped hand in his lids, proudly funny thoroughly. There it about stood a almost at in Vladimir the Hotel it. suit of the an incomprehensible the man. monument Yurkovsky. which covered I other center base small flowerbed. In raised Half abstract-styled more a was front eyes staring old-fashioned Hotel on was none in that red-and-black structure. cars, and the head. Detouring with resting squinting a represented with base, surrounded doubt of Year Sergeyevitch gold letters It it the extension legend and I Olympic The of on a Carved no There apparatus plaza with I contemptuously monument, through puzzlement its and “Vladimir 5, infinity the suddenly Benefits of online pharmacy


1. It’s much cheaper. With money you spend usually, you can buy 2-3 times more pills.

2. It’s confidentially. Nobody knows what you bought Viagra or pills for penis enlargment. Shipments come in discreet unmarked packages.

3. You don’t have to leave home. Purchase will be quickly delivered right to your door.

4. Nobody will disturb you. Read instruction for each product while sitting at your computer and select what you need.”

I would be very impressed if anyone knows what this means.

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