More singing Fish

As our explorers heave to off the coast of Flaw Reader, we are introduced to Steven who runs a Fish and Chip shop much-loved by the Witches, Ogres and other unsavoury characters.

Steven was originally a purveyor of fine Fish in Chips in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, but due to a mishap as the Witch Iz played with her time shifting RING, he found himself transported across space-time to Uranus.

However, being a good old boy from Suffolk he decides to make the most of things, catching and selling Sole to all on sundry.

In his Epicurean Eatery he keeps a Choona Fish in a tank to keep the customers entertained.

There are times when the Choona refuses to sing, making Steven rather angry, so he batters him about a bit, at which point he croons;

“Here I am at the bottom of the Sea,

Swimming round in gallons of wee,

Then my darling can’t you see,

You’re taking the piss if you eat me!”

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