Police and Thieves (2)

Almaty is just so gorgeous.

The winter could have killed me but my skull seems to have the ability to withstand slapstick slips.

The Police in Almaty fuck off in the cold weather.

Dread the Spring!

Walking home past the hoardings that carefully hid the Dostyk Plaza.

Tap on the shoulder; a midget with a stupidly large hat was stopping me.


He persisted; the hat conveyed a ridiculous sense of self-importance – Police!

Have you ever seen these ex-Soviet hats?


Of course I am not carrying my passport and these parasites know it.


Led away to the squad car. Was ‘Z Cars’ ever like this?

Gestures, noises, body language; out comes the red book as they take my driving licence.

“Is there a fine for this Officer?” I say in my best English accent, whilst proffering a five thousand tenge note.

The book closed; the note disappeared; the car disappeared.

Police and Thieves.

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