7 Secrets to Stepping into Your Spirituality

In today’s world, it’s easy to neglect the spiritual. In our modern age, haven’t we evolved beyond the need for such things? I grew up in a very traditional Catholic household; Catholic schools, church, choir etc. I think I have an innate sense of Spirituality even though I no longer ‘practice’ my Religion. I stillContinue reading “7 Secrets to Stepping into Your Spirituality”

10 Ways to Develop Creativity – 5 more

Creativity is something we all use in some form, but many believe they aren’t creative. But the creative mind can be developed. The best way to do that is through practice. The more you do the things, regularly, that flex your creative muscle, the more you will develop a natural ability to be creative. DevelopingContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Creativity – 5 more”

3 Visualizations for a Calmer, Happier You

Calm down. Seriously. We all have things that leave us on edge. Sometimes it’s an event or a person (like a visit from your mother-in-law). Sometimes we’re more anxious due to more significant issues, leaving us unsure of our safety and well-being, like when a severe illness is going around. Whatever the case, anxiety isContinue reading “3 Visualizations for a Calmer, Happier You”

Some more writing ideas

My research has taken me a little further. I recently attended an online course which said the three hottest niches for writing and online sales are :- Health Wealth Happiness And people will complain about these aspects of their lives and so start searching for solutions. So here are some more ideas to help youContinue reading “Some more writing ideas”

Extract from ‘Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus”

Tom scanned the wooden floors, the roof beams, the empty glasses, the empty-headed numbskulls at the bar. He scanned a newspaper, a tin of beans and the police radio in New York. He noticed a group of Gnomes sitting in the corner, underneath the metal signs for shoe polish and soap, each sipping a glassContinue reading “Extract from ‘Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus””

With you there to help me

It is approaching midnight Wednesday. I am scheduling blog posts, editing my second book, preparing Physics lessons for my online classes and applying for a full time teaching post in Cairo. A busy evening… In the background I have Youtube on my TV. Playing some classic tracks from the Jethro Tull album ‘ Benefit’ –Continue reading “With you there to help me”

Playing with words.

When writing I love to play with words. I always loved how the great, late Ronnie Barker could come up some of the best jokes by just playing with words and their meanings. There is nothing better than the famous ‘Four Candles’ sketch with Ronnie Corbert; ‘handles for forks’. He also said ” I wouldContinue reading “Playing with words.”

Gutter: SNipe: Pimp

Fifth step to Madness. Gutter: Snipe: Pimp: Three word Slogan, All you need, So you Justify, Your Personal Greed. Gutter: Snipe: Pimp: Mad Anna called me twice today. We ate tea, Smoked Wine, Drank Cakes, Walked on Lakes for Heaven’s sake. “There! Is a Bull in a Fence!” Indefensible. There was a time, In theContinue reading “Gutter: SNipe: Pimp”

Gutter: Snipe: Pimp

Fourth step to Madness That bird flew in to his nest; Casablanca! Da! Boozer! TV documentary deleted, Summer dreams all defeated, Conversations not completed; Empty minds in charge and seated. “I thought we could fly?” “I wish I could fly!” “But I won’t try.” “I hate that guy.” I can tell by his drunken knows!Continue reading “Gutter: Snipe: Pimp”