Love – by Rumi and Otway.

rumiLazy Sunday Afternoon;

Waiting! Waiting for You!

Another girl, Another City, Another delay.

“I fought with my sister – sorry darling.”

Patient man, paying penance perhaps prolonging painful parting.

Yet she comes, walking in glowing delight;

Waking my breaking heart to new –

Old feelings of love and respect and affection and two cats in the yard.

“I turned down three for you! 0329 came the last demand!”

I will come she said; I was asleep.

My broken heart no longer needs the pain, the shallow victories,

The crazies – it was fun while it lasted.

Now I look for a Gallery in the Sun,

Fields of waving corn with dreams of you in Bluey Green.bag-15841_1920

“Turquoise” she said “But I need to lose ten kilos.”

Come on home to me – I will wait for a while.

“Deep and meaningless!”

Be the sunshine of my love.

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