Well I am starting the weekend waiting for the results of a Covid test. I am sitting alone in my apartment in Baku and this song came to mind… Someone. Someone, I’m searching for someoneWho’ll be true, who’ll change my life of blueInto a dream of golden rainbows, where are you? It seems I’ve beenContinue reading “Someone”

10 Ways to Develop Creativity – 5 more

Creativity is something we all use in some form, but many believe they aren’t creative. But the creative mind can be developed. The best way to do that is through practice. The more you do the things, regularly, that flex your creative muscle, the more you will develop a natural ability to be creative. DevelopingContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Creativity – 5 more”

10 Ways to Develop Creativity – first 5

I love creative writing. I have tons of short stories, poems and book outlines. I’m working hard to get them published!!! Here are some ideas I came across on creativity – It could be Writing Painting Drawing Playing music Singing Pottery Gardening Acting Model Railways Daydreaming Woodworking Plastics Collecting Photography The list goes on. AreContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Creativity – first 5”


I have been married twice and known many beautiful women. For most of the last decade I have been happy to live alone. Selfish? Yet recently I met someone. And things feel like they are changing. The way my thoughts have gone bring me back to a song from Jethro Tull. I must have boughtContinue reading “Relationships”

Common Roadblocks to Getting into Creative Flow

You know the feeling. There’s a deadline looming, and your mind has gone completely blank. Nothing, nada. It’s like your brain has frozen. Luckily the latest research shows us the most common roadblocks to creativity, and how to move past them and get on with the job. Fear of failure Most people are afraid ofContinue reading “Common Roadblocks to Getting into Creative Flow”

Creative writing

I have decided to change my approach to this blog. I’ve had a lifetime of creative writing, from short stories and poems in School and University magazines, to self publishing on Amazon; helping with scripts for school plays in my teaching career; to workshops as a student and as a tutor. Professionally, I teach MathematicsContinue reading “Creative writing”

Gutter: SNipe: Pimp

Fifth step to Madness. Gutter: Snipe: Pimp: Three word Slogan, All you need, So you Justify, Your Personal Greed. Gutter: Snipe: Pimp: Mad Anna called me twice today. We ate tea, Smoked Wine, Drank Cakes, Walked on Lakes for Heaven’s sake. “There! Is a Bull in a Fence!” Indefensible. There was a time, In theContinue reading “Gutter: SNipe: Pimp”

Gutter: Snipe: Pimp

Fourth step to Madness That bird flew in to his nest; Casablanca! Da! Boozer! TV documentary deleted, Summer dreams all defeated, Conversations not completed; Empty minds in charge and seated. “I thought we could fly?” “I wish I could fly!” “But I won’t try.” “I hate that guy.” I can tell by his drunken knows!Continue reading “Gutter: Snipe: Pimp”