I suppose ´stupid´ is the best word

So there is this woman I know. Cute in a tall sort of way.

I´m not sure if you call her east European as she is from Belarus which apparently is still part of Russia. I never quite got a grip of the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Empire.

Anyway, she´s nice. We met at a few social functions, I got her number, we chatted online.

So I invited her to a few social events and a coffee!!! Always too busy – yes I get it. I´m an old codger and so I frighten 30 somethings! Actually not true in China or Kazakhstan.

Continue Mr M!

So I put together an impromptu BBQ at mine tomorrow night. Of course I sent her an invite.


“I must be a good girl this weekend. Have an important exam next week”

Then round about midnight she changes her profile pic to one at a nightclub…


So I will feck off!!!


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2 Responses to I suppose ´stupid´ is the best word

  1. Neesiecoops says:

    The male pride takes a hit and it’s the woman that’s stupid for trying to let him down gently and politely, then getting on with her life that doesn’t include him. He now feels like he’s caught her out for her lies on seeing her new Facebook profile. Yes I guess she is stupid for not telling him to feck off from the outset.

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