Fairy Hanny and the Sons of Turenn

This is the third book featuring Fairy Hanny. For this one I am reaching into a story from my Celtic heritage to place Hanny into an old myth. I will put some extracts from work in progress here.

Across the Universe.

” I take it you’re bored Hanny,” suggested Mad Tom with a face like an Alsatian licking piss from a nettle.

“Too firkin right Tommy boy! I have hunted Witches, Trolls and Ogres, and aided a Pixy in his quest to defeat the Ceramics! I watched the beheading of a beautiful Witch and the trepidations of a winking wan King! And now I am attempting to help a dilettante Monarch come to terms with his overeating and personal hygiene issues! Give me a sword and a quest and I will be a hero!” said the rousing Fairy.

“Maybe you need a Heroine Quest,” asked Magdalene.

“Is that the same as a Hero Quest?” asked Hanny.

“Similar but it comes in a different box,” explained Tom, proving once and for all that he is totally Mad.

Hanny continued to sit up in her chair at the table near the bar.

“Do you crave another adventure?” enquired Tom.


Curing Piles!

Closing down a RING!

Watching Gremlins paint the town red!

Aiding a Pixy overdosing on magic underpants!

Now that was an adventure!!

“Is there some other crazy Witch or Warlock or Wizard or Warden wanting to disturb the flow of Time across the Universe?” asked Hanny.

“There always is some eejit plotting such a ruse, but that’s not what we need you for this Time,” said Tom. “This Time we need you to transfer to another Time and another place and another land. To a Time out of Time to lend a hand to a band of brothers,” continued Tom. “We need you to go to the Land of Faery, to the days before days, to fight evil ways and prevent the malaise that lays over the sons of Turenn. To a place where magic fills the air and it’s hard to find a chair when you go to the pub on Friday.”


“To days of old where Knights are bold and beds are cold and slaves are sold and put in a hold!”


“We need you in days gone by, where eyes will cry and the Autumn moon will light your way!”


Mad Magdalene began her shimmering dance, her translucent skirts flowing and blowing and growing.

“Still I sing; Bonny boys, Bedlam boys are bonny!” she sang.

Hanny had survived fire and ice and things not nice. She had danced topless to stir some life into a dead Kings todger. She wanted chapter and verse if she was to cross the universe. What is it they wanted her to actually do?

Tom asked Magdalene to pause her dancing as it was a fabulous narrative effect, a potential Dickensian cliff-hanger.

Sadly, it didn’t work.

And so the two danced very closely together, without music. On observation Hanny could tell they danced the tango as they slapped each other’s faces. Magdalene rose with a smile across her rosy red cheeks.

“Hanny! Hanny! Hanny!” she said.

“There is only one of me!” said Hanny.

“Of course, you’re unique,” agreed Magdalene. “But Hanny; we friends on the Isle of Faery that need your help. They are the Sons of Turenn. Lugh has set them a series of tasks to complete and they could do with someone with a bit of intelligence to join them to achieve success and not get killed. Please say you will help us again Hanny.”

“The sons of who? Is that one of the big Fairy families in Setebos?”

“No, it is in Eiran and the Isles of Faery.”

“Here, put this on,” said Tom as he handed her a Donkey Jacket, which matched perfectly with her boots.

“Why have you given me this?” asked Hanny.

“It’s what they wear where we’re going,” said Tom.

Published by Phoenix

I have been a teacher all my life. That doesn't just mean in School! I taught my brothers to ride bikes and go camping in the mountains. I taught Football, Cricket, Squash, Sailing, Climbing and Karate. In BNI I became the Education Coordinator. With my Property Business I laid on Investment Seminars. I taught my sons to Fish for Carp. And I still teach Maths and Physics to students who want to go to University to study Medicine or Engineering. Now I am teaching people the things I am learning online.

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