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My right foot

She who must not be mentioned says she must not be mentioned. So I will talk about my right foot.   It is still there, despite an attempt many years ago by a taxi driver, who due to lack of … Continue reading

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Fantastic artist

One of my friends, Anna Margatskaya, will be exhibiting at The Brick Lane Gallery, London next month.   You will love her work. http://www.margasha.kz    

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Istanbul 1 : Getting Lost and finding Old Friends.

Atatürk Airport 9.30 pm on a Saturday night. Check papers, work your way through customs, throw off the term spent in Kazakhstan. Greeted by an old friend and guided to his Gaff. Meet the charming new partner; fantastic dinner with … Continue reading

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On First encounter with Rumi.

Sitting, watching, pondering, wandering. Istanbul bookshops and bizarre bazaars; favourite city, Oozing my childhood testament from every pore, City battered and beaten and rocked to its core. “Simon! Simon! Phillip wants your money, pay up or die!” Armies marching, marching, … Continue reading

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Have a Great Life

I want to thank my friends at the Crack On Foundation for this one. http://www.crackon.org Here are four strategies to help you live an exceptional life:   1. CHOOSE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP – CAREFULLY.   Those around you always … Continue reading

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Attitude – grrrrrr!

The older I get the less I care what others think of me. “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on mylife. Attitude, to me, is more important than fact. It is moreimportant than the … Continue reading

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Keep on writing

I spend hours every day writing; funny and serious, Tales from Uranus and the Adventures of Inspector Flaange. I found this article helped me understand why… A five-letter word is my secret.As you probably know, routine casts a trance-like power … Continue reading

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