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Keep the smiles rolling in

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Who Says Words With My Mouth?

I haven’t written much recently. I was busy with the launch of Strange Things From Uranus on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. Then I began editing  Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark Side of Uranus. Then my blood pressure spike to the point … Continue reading

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The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

So there I was in Almaty! In love? Friends though she was quite a tease. We were each dating separately but occasionally went out together. Definitely in the friend zone with this beautiful young lady. Cést la vie! Oh yes … Continue reading

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David Cameron

Thanks to Geoff Mac for this… An Israeli doctor says: “In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, put them on another man, and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work.” A German doctor … Continue reading

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