Man Shook!

Something told me it was over; Actually It was Etta James.                                                                 See. When I sensed, You and him kissing.   Istanbul Modern walking down the rain poured path, Clear my suede shoes. They´re not blue! No I left them at the causeway between here and now.   Soaked Wet Naked   We both endedContinue reading “Man Shook!”

Istanbul 1 : Getting Lost and finding Old Friends.

Atatürk Airport 9.30 pm on a Saturday night. Check papers, work your way through customs, throw off the term spent in Kazakhstan. Greeted by an old friend and guided to his Gaff. Meet the charming new partner; fantastic dinner with lovely wine. But then out in the City by midnight looking for a bar thatContinue reading “Istanbul 1 : Getting Lost and finding Old Friends.”