Playing with words.

When writing I love to play with words. I always loved how the great, late Ronnie Barker could come up some of the best jokes by just playing with words and their meanings. There is nothing better than the famous ‘Four Candles’ sketch with Ronnie Corbert; ‘handles for forks’. He also said ” I wouldContinue reading “Playing with words.”

The sayings of DC Jason Beaver

Sadly young Beaver is not the smartest detective at the picnic. He misquotes though I’m not sure if it is deliberate or not… Water off a Dutch back. No pockets in a crowd. Daft as a bush. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him think. Too many cooks spoil theContinue reading “The sayings of DC Jason Beaver”

Another excerpt from “Dark Side of Uranus”

And what of Fairy Hanny? Well it will be of no great surprise to realise that this stoic Handmaiden of the Fat King Innocent carried on regardless. She would have preferred to carry on cruising with her cousin Mutch; however she’d accept she would have to carry on camping with this bunch of retards. TheContinue reading “Another excerpt from “Dark Side of Uranus””