I still laugh at farts


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It’s Giggle week – just jokes this week


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The meaning of life!


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Android in Spain


You called me, I camerumi

Studio in Tenerife, inbuilt roaches

Sandy sandy sand

Towels and bowels and trowels.


I didn’t enjoy it

The long walk

All uphill against a tide of disinterest.


“Hey how are you doing?”

“Not that I care”


Karaoke embarrassmentHieronymusBosch-473265

“There must be one song you know”

I know lots but do not wish

To perform


Hare Kari


That’s what she said but I missed it.


Time went forward and I looked backward

“Look at this beach!”

I burned my toes in the water

And on the hot sand

Unpronounceable name

It´s a Caravan!

A Caravanserai

Full of Oil

Full of port!13


So to the peaks and the shanty town

“We´ll get rid soon, 007”

We need more space for the tourists!


I cycle to the Mall

Crammed my helmet in my pack

Nobody will steal it

Nobody wants it

Nobody wants me!


Christmas Cracker.

“Hey Santa, go over there!”

No laughter

Santa, bemused, sat in the rain dear.1150373_650389471648734_1847698816_n

No laughter.

Rudolf the well-read.

No laughter.

It was a joke, Christmas.


Winter solstice takes three days for the dead to rise

All hello’s Eve – Adam sends his best regards.


In Istanbul I plied my troth

Wishing for a Visigoth

To raid the City and tear apart

The Kazakh girl who stole my heart.IMG_1146


No beer, no wine, no women.



Shoe shine for blue suede!


Walking home in the rain she declares her gratitude!

Haggia Sophia, Ayasophya, Blues, Sulemye.

Galata Bridge watching the hopeful,

Knowing the salesmen.

Sell fishing rods not fish!

Jesus said it, one Friday morning whilst eating a hamburger.


“I like this” she said

Stripping naked in the cold room

Sharing towels and body fluids.


Old blankets.

“I´m tired” she says, expectantly.

Six months later she is still sitting there.

The sun was never enough to warm her heart


Sandy sandy sand.

You could live here with me.

Sandy cold heart.

The tourists need me

They never really leave this


Micro continent.


Clothes for sale, I cried

Who wants my bike?

Nobody came

Nobody cared.


Do you do home delivery?


When the word came from the East

It took my breath away

And left me with a coating of nostalgia.


Anonymous whinging

“It’s not true!” I declare.

“The customer!”

No, just you Morgana.


Quizas Quizas Quizas.

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Friday Smile


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I do find it hard to believe, but this is something I copied from a website.  It was an attempt at selling me something…

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It’s much cheaper. With money you spend usually, you can buy 2-3 times more pills.


It’s confidentially. Nobody knows what you bought Viagra or pills for penis enlargment. Shipments come in discreet unmarked packages.


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I thought of you today, old friend

As they shouted out to eat the phone bookHieronymus-Bosch


Do you remember coming home and finding me

Beneath the bed

Staring at the springs

Claiming to be totally sober


Long time since sober

I tried to tell you on your last dot com

But lost five years in replying


rumiYou were no longer there

Recalling days of innocence

Halcyon days-

I laughed with Luke a I mispronounced it


Most nights

Returning from the pub

With Kith and Bodge and Coley

We watched some late night TV

Now it never shuts down

If still we were there we would sit up all night and bore ourselves to sleep


You alwaysFlying fish

(despite denials)

pulled down on your nose

before dropping your shreds

Quaint we said.

So now a lifetime later I click in the ether

Dr. John told us it wasn’t there

But we try to speak through that which does not exist

Except through a go between


Civil servant trained super efficient waiting to be of service, Sir.


The old home town looks the same but smaller


Tip of the iceberg

Double you double you double you Dot


Outside the Mexican beers line up

Playing for San Tiana

They’re killing your soldiers below

Is this my Alamo?


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