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We sat together you and I, Late; last night. You, in your eternity, Breaking gently, suppurating sea sounds. Rocks and shells and bricks and mortar, Cascading through your daily slaughter. Granules of death to cool my toes. I sat, inebriated, … Continue reading

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Two short poems

On learning to ride; Women. Sylvia Pike Had a bike, Until she met Mike. Then she bought a trike.   Broken Heart I will diminish and Go West, Wearing a string vest, And have a good long rest If I … Continue reading

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The Monk’s advice to a bunch of Fairies.

They sat in a lovely Fairy Circle, with the Monk E at one corner, confusing the dimensions of the place. The Fairies had enjoyed the tale as far as the bit about the 4th and 5th dimensions, as they really … Continue reading

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I do find it hard to believe, but this is something I copied from a website.  It was an attempt at selling me something… ” fifteen-story Yurkovsky, December for with realized was I was knew examined front by the his … Continue reading

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