Gutter: Snipe: Pimp

Third step to Madness. Confusion contusion, Arms caught in the door, Fingers stuck in the floor, “I’m homeless and it’s war!” We didn’t get old with the band of gold, Not to the end, my first friend. Turtle dove, My first love Military Hardship, my correction, No direction, No reflection. You left too soon. IContinue reading “Gutter: Snipe: Pimp”

Gutter: snipe: Pimp

(For Anna) First step to Madness Again. Again, she came back from the dead. Dead Loves. Death leaves, In the gutter. I waltzed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, Drowned Diesel Surface, Waiting for me. Waiting. “How do you do?” we said. “Well then, let’s go to bed!” Miss Understanding. Quite Out Standing, OnContinue reading “Gutter: snipe: Pimp”

Gathering Grapes to drink one night.

Oh what can ail thee Lana Scan? Alone and palely loitering? Come and sit beside the Lake, And listen to me sing.   “Heaven knows when I might see, A Monkey in The Banyan Tree, Coming down to look at me Offering a cup of tea.   “In times gone by I used to cryContinue reading “Gathering Grapes to drink one night.”


We sat together you and I, Late; last night. You, in your eternity, Breaking gently, suppurating sea sounds. Rocks and shells and bricks and mortar, Cascading through your daily slaughter. Granules of death to cool my toes. I sat, inebriated, Contemplated. You will last a long time, unlike my love; It ebbs and flows, thenContinue reading “Sea”

Heading into the weekend with some old ideas

I think this album came out in 1973 and I have loved it ever since.  I have been round the world since then, raised a family, been married twice, work as a teacher, a salesman, a retailer, a farm hand, and a Nuclear Physicist. But still I come back to some of my teenage music.Continue reading “Heading into the weekend with some old ideas”

Broken Heart too.

Palpitations thrusting love in the limelight; Made it hard, to sleep last night? One demands sex; the go-to man she calls me. One demands a kiss-a temptation easily avoided selfish woman. One is carrying too much guilt – her crazy bundle of joy. “I want to go to Dubai!” she cried. She cries a lotContinue reading “Broken Heart too.”

Dealing with Critics

I got it again recently. Criticism. “Your books just aren’t funny” “Your writing is crap” “My five year old can do better than that” I am sure every writer has had this kind of criticism.  And it usually hurts most when it comes from friends and family. Though it is actually very easy to hitContinue reading “Dealing with Critics”

Android in Spain

  You called me, I came Studio in Tenerife, inbuilt roaches Sandy sandy sand Towels and bowels and trowels.   I didn’t enjoy it The long walk All uphill against a tide of disinterest.   “Hey how are you doing?” “Not that I care”   Karaoke embarrassment “There must be one song you know” IContinue reading “Android in Spain”